Test Purchasing

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If you are in a Customer Care focused market place, it is imperative that you are dealing with your customers properly, and in line with company policy.
Test purchasing is a powerful tool to help you understand what it is like to interact with your company from the customer perspective. It has proved to be an excellent way to make sure that your services are meeting your customers' requirements.

Our investigators can carry out test purchases and monitor the way your employees interact & deal with customers and how they implement company policy. Using up to date covert equipment we can record in pictures and sound exactly what happens during the test purchase.

Test Purchasing

Retail: Our investigators can visit your shop, pub, restaurant, bank branch, garage etc. They may or may not purchase, depending on how essential that is to achieving your objectives. A full evaluation report will be completed after the visit.

Travel: Our investigators will travel on your trains, planes, ships, buses, coaches etc. or go on one of your holidays. A full evaluation report will be completed after the trip.

Home: Our investigators will order goods for delivery to their home and let you know when those goods arrive, in what condition and whether they were correct as ordered. They can also ask for a service to be carried out at their homes and a full evaluation report will be made out upon completion.


Sample evaluation reports can be shown on request.

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