Key-Holding & Alarm Response

Alarm Response Services, Key holding Security ServicesYou or one of your staff members have probably been there - the phone rings at 3am on a cold and wet morning. You're told that the alarm has activated in your premises and you then have to get up, drive to your premises and reset that alarm. In most cases it is just a false alarm but one day you may find that there has been a break-in, or even worse, an intruder in your property.

An alarm response service should never be taken lightly or entrusted to unqualified personnel.

Our alarm response officers are trained to respond quickly and appropriately to any situation that may suggest that security has been comprimised. In the event of an alarm activation our officers will attend the premises on your behalf and deal with any problems that may have occurred from the alarm activation. A comprehensive report will be left for you the following morning, outlining the incident that has occurred and what action our alarm response team took.

Key-Holding & Alarm Response

Our Control Centre is manned 24-hours a day, 7 days a week and are always be ready to respond to an alarm activation. Our vehicles are all fitted with satellite tracking which enables us to despatch the closest available response unit. All our security staff carry identity cards and wear a full uniform with the company insignia making them easily identifiable. In the event of a serious breach agreed contingency plans will be implemented to limit damage and loss. If we feel the your company needs to be contacted urgently, we will call a nominated member(s) of staff.

All new customers will be given a receipt when their keys are handed over to us. The keys will then be held in a secure vault at our 24-hours Control Centre. All keys are uniquely numbered and checked on a daily basis. So whether you require a key-holding and/or an alarm response service for your home, offices, business etc. Pinnacle Security will ensure that you will receive a professional and affordable service.

Key-Holding & Alarm ResponseKey Advantages:

  • We'll deal with the nuisance of false alarms so you don't have to.
  • We'll deal with alarm activations or emergency response when you may not be able to.
  • We'll respond to alarm activations more quickly than you may be able to especially if you're at home, at work, on a weekend break or on holiday.
  • Eliminating the threat of a untrained person putting themselves at risk from confronting an intruder who may still be on the premises.


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