Mobile Patrols

High Quality & Affordable Mobile Patrols Mobile Security for Business, ResidentialMobile Patrols offer a cost effective alternative to static security officers, where a continuous presence is deemed unnecessary. Although only offering a limited level of protection they are the next best option to static officers at a fraction of the cost. Our well equipped mobile patrol units can make random security patrols of you premises (business and residential) through the night, weekends and Bank Holidays to ensure the security of your premises. Most patrols are carried out during the vunerable hours of 10pm-6am but at Pinnacle Security we can offer tailor made solutions to suit both you and your business needs.


Even though mobile patrols have proven to be a successful way of deterring crime they can also be used to:

  • Switch on the heating and lighting before staff arrive.
  • Check that lights, electrical equipment, machinery etc. are switched off correctly after staff have left.
  • Check the working order of essential equipment after hours.
  • Check refrigeration units after hours.
  • Check that all internal windows, doors, shutters etc are secured after staff have left.

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