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Retail Stores Detectives, Loss Prevention Store DetectivesRetail Stores Detectives, Loss Prevention Store Detectives

Shoplifting & Fraud costs Irish businesses millions of euro every year. Protection is important, but if your customers feel like they're being watched, they may feel uncomfortable and shop elsewhere. Store detectives are undercover security officers who work to prevent and detect theft, pick pocketing and fraud in shops by members of the public and staff. They are seen as a subtle but effective way of dealing with these individuals. To be effective, our store detectives will blend in with your customers and therefore match the dress of your typical customer. It could be casual, formal or somewhere in between. Our store detectives are fully licensed and are trained to be diplomatic, quick thinking and discreet.

Their duties range from the patrolling of sales-floors in order to observe and apprehend shoplifters, to the completion of specific in-store loss prevention checks. Our detectives undergo extensive training and are aware of all the legal aspects of the job. Their work can involve:

Store Detectives
  • patrolling stores looking out for shoplifters
  • discreetly following shoppers who behave suspiciously
  • keeping notes of observations and writing reports on incidents
  • arresting suspects
  • calling the Gardai and attending while a suspect is being questioned
  • taking evidence from witnesses
  • giving evidence in court.
Our retail security solutions will allow you to decide, with our help, on the best possible measure. Whatever your type and level of security cover, we will provide the right retail security officer, tailor made, to precisely fit those requirements.
Shopping Centres

Store Detectives In the every developing retail market, shopping centres, their managers and their owners face increasing challenges as they try to attract and retain shoppers. To do this they must provide the basic provisions such as to provide a welcoming & friendly shopping environment, while at the same time, maintain the highest levels of security for shoppers and tenants.

We understand that security officers working in this environment have a demanding role, therefore our training co-ordinator has devised a programme specific to this area. As well as the above training also includes:

  • Tenant liaison
  • Crowd control
  • First aid & fire safety
  • Theft prevention
  • Customer liaison
  • Specialised perimeter patrols
  • Car park management
The effective management of an emergency situation is also a vital part of the training. We understand the impact that such incidents can have on business is tremendous as every minute lost has a detrimental effect on retail sales.

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