Our Staff

We recognise that trust, confidentiality and loyalty are among the outstanding characteristics of good security personnel.


Staff Recruitment & Vetting

Our stringent vetting procedures are compulsory in making sure that only the right people join our organisation. All screening and vetting exceeds the licensing criteria as laid down by the Private Security Services Act 2004. Once we have established your security requirements in detail, our Human Resources department will recruit an identified profile, either from within our organisation or externally. Our HR Department ensures that only people of the highest calibre and integrity succeed in gaining employment with our organisation.


Each previous employer and character referee are contacted in order to verify information supplied by the applicant and also to provide us with information that may not of been obtained at the interview stage. In the case of periods of unemployment, the Department of Social, Community & Family Affairs must confirm the dates that the applicant received social benefit. In the case of self-employed applicants, the Revenue Commissioner or an account that dealt with their annual returns must verify periods of self-employment.


Information can only be obtained with the applicant's prior approval and we therefore require all new recruits to sign a declaration giving their consent. All offers of employment are subject to satisfactory screening and successful applicants are subject to continuous assessments during their probation period and beyond.


Applicants from Eastern European Accession (EEA) countries will be required to provide a criminal record certificate from the relevant authority in their country of origin. Applicants from countries outside of the EEA will be required to provide a criminal record certificate from the relevant authority in their country of origin stamped by the country's Foreign Ministry or local embassy.


Staff Training

Pinnacle Security are committed to providing a comprehensive and professional service to all clients and believe our employees are a key factor in achieving this. Proper and continuous training is a high priority and is considered to be an integral part of our efforts to provide the quality of service that our clients expect.


On commencement of employment all employees are assessed in relation to their experience. They will then have to undergo a minimum of 3 days training before assuming their duties. Our Training is done by fully qualified, FETAC approved personnel and exceeds the criteria as set out by the Private Security Services Act 2004.


Senior management is involved in the development of new contracts so detailed assignment instructions are prepared to cater for our client's requirements. This ensures that on-site training equals the specifications that have been laid down by our customers. This involvement continues throughout the duration of the contract to ensure that the standard of service is maintained.


Staff Retention Policy

We believe that a key factor in delivering a professional service to our clients is retaining members of our security team. Retaining a stable and committed team helps us develop a successful partnership with our clients. We are committed to ensuring that our employees are treated fairly and reasonably and that all there rights, as employees, are readily made known to them.


We believe that you need to reward and compensate your team in a manner, which reflects the role they fill, the risks they face and the perceived importance of the role to both Pinnacle Security and our clients business.


We understand that, in general, there is a high turnover of security staff at present due to low remunerations, lack of motivation and job dissatisfaction. At Pinnacle Security we reward our employees by paying top rates of pay coupled with performance related bonus's to attract and retain a dedicated work force.


We understand that high remuneration is not always the key to good service so we motivate our security team through good management, attainable promotional prospects, constant training & development and most importantly recognition for the job they do. We retain our work force through:


  • Higher rates of pay (exceeding the industry average).
  • Performance related bonus.
  • Excellent benefits package.
  • Realistic Promotional Prospects.
  • Excellent & Continuous Training.
  • Regular Work Patterns.
  • Excellent Working Conditions.
  • Proper Rest Periods.
  • Reward & Recognition for good performance.
  • Prospect of developing new expertise.

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