Static Security Officers

Static Security Officers, Static Security Positions, Static Guarding ServicesAt Pinnacle Security we invest a great deal in our Static Security Officers through training, equipment and management support. All our staff are fully licensed & trained and are well equipped with the skills necessary to provide an efficient and professional service. Security Personnel are often the first contact that visitors experience so the initial impression they create is very important.
With this in mind we have developed comprehensive, tailor made training programmes to cover this section of the industry.

Pinnacle Security have extensive experience working with a wide range of Irish corporate, manufacturing and warehousing sites ranging from hazardous waste plants to Court Services to port & aviation facilities. This valuable experience enables us to provide security solutions developed to your specific requirements.

Manufacturing & Production: Manufacturing and industrial facilities face many security risks which can affect their business with Static Security Guarding, Static  Security Servicesvarying degrees of severity. These include workplace violence, theft, general pilferage, counterfeiting, sabotage, terrorist attack, trespassing, activist disruption, vandalism and deliberate contamination. Many facilities are isolated yet easily accessible. These premises may be unmanned outside of normal working hours creating a prime target for thieves and vandals.

Office: Your premises may be occupied by large numbers of employees and you may encounter frequent visitors, guests or contractors. In this day and age the threats to security are numerous and must be addressed. Whether these threats are internal or external, Pinnacle Security will quickly identify the risks and put in place preventative measures and procedures.

Corporate: Corporate Security has some very specific requirements, not least of which is the representation of your company to your visitors. Smart appearance is vital when operating within this environment, and we have invested a great deal to ensure that our staff Warehouse Security Guards, Port Security Guards, Aviation Security Guardscreates the right impression.

Warehouse: Warehouses are typically designed for easy access with goods stored so that they can be loaded on and off quickly and efficiently. This however creates security issues that must be addressed if a company is going to fully protect its assets. Vandalism and theft are unfortunately on the increase in Ireland, with small to medium sized facilities finding themselves prime targets.

Port & Aviation: The successful protection of our ports and airports poses a considerable challenge in today's uncertain climate. With clients at Dublin Port and Dublin Airport, we have considerable experience in managing and reacting to heightened threat levels and increased levels of alert.

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