Dog Handling

With crime in Ireland currently on the increase guard dogs are seen as a cost effective and efficient way to protect your home, business or property. They can also act as an additional deterrent to static security officers and mobile patrols. Our team manager has over 20 years experience working in this sector and developed advanced systems and solutions to protect facilities, businesses and even specific individual requirements.

Security dogs are trained to pick up on intruders by, sight, scent and sound. They are also trained to protect their handler by standing their ground and showing controlled aggression. We believe that one of our trained dog patrol units can offer the same cover as up to 3 static security officers in securing large areas. They are a clear visual deterrent but also have powerful hearing & senses that enables them to search and find intruders quicker than a static security team.

Our dogs are under the control of their handlers at all times and all work is undertaken within the provisions of:

  • Control of Dogs Act 1986
  • Guard Dog Regulations 1988
  • Control of Dogs Regulations 1998
We offer a free consultation service that includes a risk analysis and assessment to identify your needs. We promise to offer beneficial solutions to meet your needs at highly competitive prices.

With a proven history and knowledge of the dog handler industry our dog units are an asset and can greatly increase the effectiveness of any team.

Find out how Pinnacle Security can provide you with a quality, cost effective solution that will exceed your expectations
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