Remote CCTV Monitoring

Pinacle Alert LogoIn past recessionary times crime soared beyond the expectations of most leaving financial and sometimes physical scares on those affected. With hard times upon us again statistics show that crime is increasing at a fast and alarming rate.

At Pinnacle Security Group we believe that today's security solutions have to be able to stop crime before real damage is done. Whether it's to combat low level petty vandalism or hardened criminals stealing to order, our solutions certainly score highly in this regard. Pinnacle Alert uses the latest in perimeter protection technology coupled with CCTV and audio alert. This intelligent solution has proven its worth, helping to detect and crucially lead to the arrest of many criminals. It's because of this that some of its more enthusiastic supporters would be the Garda and Insurance companies, thus helping to keep premiums under control.

How does it work?

A remote CCTV monitoring system is the most cost effective and highly efficient means of protecting a site without the need and the cost of a site static security officer. This solution is a proven deterrent and is currently being used in sites throughout Ireland and the world. The client arms the system when they leave & our control room staff are automatically notified that the system is now active and live. With cameras and specialised motion sensors strategically positioned around the site, our staff will detect any intrusion.

If the perimeter is breached our control room will receive live CCTV images of the event. The intruders will then be challenged by our control room staff with a live audio warning. If the intruders fail to leave we will immediately inform the Garda or follow pre-arranged contingency plans.

Our Control Centre provides a full range of intelligent, interactive packages tailored to give our clients the best value from their CCTV investment. If your property is commercial, industrial or residential, our promise is to work with you to ensure you get a tailored package that meets your need for total security and absolute confidence.

Find out how Pinnacle Security can provide you with a quality, cost effective solution that will exceed your expectations
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