Security Awareness Training

All our training sessions are organised to suit your requirements and are carried out by FETAC (Further Education and Training Awards Council) Level 5 approved trainers. They can be carried out in a number of premises or at one specific location. To ensure that all participants benefit from the training, we recommend that there should be a minimum of eight in attendance. The training programme will consist of lectures, visual aids, video presentation and Q&A (Assessment is optional). This security awareness training is for staff who work in the retail sector and the objectives of the course is to increase their awareness and knowledge of shoplifting and theft.

Lectures: Here we inform participants about the current trends in theft and stock loss. We discuss loss prevention, tools used by shoplifters and explain how to identify shoplifters.

Visual Aids: Here we will show participants the more common tools used by shoplifters today.

Video Presentation: All participants will view a video presentation that shows CCTV footage of shoplifters and gives useful tips on loss prevention.

Questions & Answers: We take questions throughout the course but we try to leave 10 minutes towards the end of the session for Q&A. Here we discuss any issues that may have arisen during the course and specifically, procedures in place at your premises.

Assessment (Optional): Participants may be asked to complete a multi-choice paper on various aspects of the course to assess their knowledge and certificates will be issued to all participants.

The course will take approximately 60 minutes and in relation to times, we will be flexible to your requirements (subject to availability).

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