Retail Security Officers

Retail Security Officers, Retail Security ServicesSecurity in the retail sector has become an increasingly important feature in recent years. The upsurge in crime and its impact, both financially and in personal terms, on the retail trade is significant. A recent survey shows that the impact of crime on retail profits is tremendous. It's estimated that 25% of retail profits are lost each year through criminal activity. It's also important to highlight the role played by staff in these losses. It's estimated that 60% of the cost of shop theft is attributable to staff either directly or indirectly.

The head of our retail division has over 13 experience in retail security, 8 of which were with one of Irelands largest retailers - as their Head of Security. At Pinnacle Security we fully understand the importance of balancing essential security needs with the highest levels of customer care and staff protection, thus providing a secure and friendly shopping experience for the public.

All our retail security officers go through extensive training paying particular attention to:

  • Loss prevention
  • Theft deterrence
  • Identification of problem areas
  • Help & assistance to the clients customers
  • Arrest procedures & Gardai liaison
  • Staff protection
  • Confrontation resolution
  • Customer safety
  • Risk assessments
  • Health & Safety

, Shopping Centres Security Officers, Loss PreventionApart from loss prevention, we believe that customer care is one of the most important aspects of retail security. Our security officers reflect the levels of professionalism and courtesy that shoppers expect from everyday occurrences such as shop theft, the sensitive handling of lost children to abusive and threatening behaviour.

Shopping Centres
In the every developing retail market, shopping centres, their managers and their owners face increasing challenges as they try to attract and retain shoppers. To do this they must provide the basic provisions such as to provide a welcoming & friendly shopping environment, while at the same time, maintain the highest levels of security for shoppers and tenants.

We understand that security officers working in this environment have a demanding role, therefore our training co-ordinator has devised a programme specific to this area. As well as the above, training also includes:

  • Tenant liaison
  • Crowd control
  • First aid & fire safety
  • Theft prevention
  • Customer liaison
  • Specialised perimeter patrols
  • Car park management
Theft Deterrence, Staff Protection, Customer SafetyThe effective management of an emergency situation is also a vital part of the training. We understand the impact that such incidents can have on business is tremendous as every minute lost has a detrimental effect on retail sales.

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