Vehicle Escorts

Persons And Asset Protection, Pilot Cars & Escort Vehicles Vehicle EscortsPinnacle Security can provide long & short haul vehicle escorts for corporate transfers and high risk haulage. Our team are highly trained in all aspects of transfers and escorts. Before undertaking a contract we will (at a cost to ourselves):


  • Complete a full risk assessment.
  • Advise with your journey planning.
  • Prepare for any eventuality.

    We believe that the safety & security of the vehicle, its passengers and its cargo is of the uppermost importance. Most vehicle escorts are relatively straight forward, but our team will discuss prior planning with you before every journey so we are prepared for every eventuality. This planning takes a number of issues into consideration including weather conditions, road works and plotting secondary routes.


    We can supply a wide variety of options to suit your requirements and needs. From a single driver and vehicle to a full team of trained personnel using a variety of vehicles. If more than one vehicle is required, we will provide (and temporarily install) communication equipment into all vehicles to ensure constant contact.

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