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Being the best company does not necessarily mean the biggest. It requires determination, continued training & development and a commitment to providing the highest quality security service to our clients. It demands professionalism and resilience with the highest integreity and standards.

Highest Quality Security ServiceWe feel our product is best delivered through the exceptionally good relationship between our management team and our staff. Our management ethos is driven by our hands-on philosophy. Both directors personally head up the management team thus ensuring that our clients always have direct access to them and that the quality of service is always maintained. We also pride ourselves on the strength of our relationships with our customers. Using a combination of individual skills and innovative ideas, our management team ensure that the highest levels of leadership and commitment are delivered to maintain those relationships.

We have made serious commitments, through investment and recruitment, to provide an exceptional service that exceeds our client expectations. To us, security is a serious business. With so much responsibility, and with so many things that can go wrong, we cannot afford to put just anyone in our uniform.

Ireland by Night

For those who missed Ireland By Night last week on TV3 - here's a chance to catch up. The programme shows the nail biting and important work carried out by Pinnacle Security at night while most of you sleep. Why not take a few minutes to view it and let us know what you think.

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